The Need

Depression…Remorse…Panic…some of the emotions you feel upon discovering that the new member of your executive management team is not going to work out. It took months of searching.

You ran ads, posted the position on job boards, received hundreds of resumes, and even had contingency firms search their databases. This person had been the very best this process could uncover. The person seemed to have the right skills; came with the right job experiences from one of the best companies, and was a value from a compensation perspective.

Sadly, this candidate just “doesn’t get it,” and never will internalize what you’re trying to do with the executive team you have assembled. Now you have to pay severance, restart the search, and adjust the mission-critical objectives you wanted to delegate to this person. According to some industry experts, hiring the wrong $100,000 per year manager will cost your company at least $250,000 in total replacement costs!

Our role in serving clients, from the not-for-profit world, Fortune 50 list, or fledgling start-ups, has been to match highly qualified individuals with the chemistry of our clients’ management teams and the culture of their companies.

Now in our third decade as executive search professionals, we have established a history of understanding the functional needs of our clients and the patterns of candidates who fit their environments. We have been there.

Our partners average twenty-five years experience ranging from CEO of a telecommunications start-up to president of a major information products company and head of a Fortune 50 recruiting division. We also have had other major management roles in information, education and services industries. Our “real world” experience is our filter in assessing a candidate’s ability to contribute.