I worked with Pat Lynch for seven years as Vice President Human Resources for a large children’s publisher.  Pat handled searches for the most senior managers –Sr. Vice Presidents of Sales, Marketing, Editorial, Production and for Chief Editors, Marketing Managers, Production Managers, etc. He is sensitive to personalities and differing needs of different managers. I was able to discuss sensitive business information knowing everything was completely confidential.  All of the searches were conducted in a timely manner with a reasonable number of candidates to select from.  Pat Lynch’s firm was, and will continue to be my first choice for searches for all of these reasons.

Jan Lorimer
Vice President, Human Resources Scholastic, Inc.

Pat Lynch simply ‘gets it’ …unlike any other executive recruiter.

I’ve never had the experience of explaining so little and getting so much back from a recruiter. Having someone like Pat who knows the direct marketing industry makes life so much easier for a company like ours–and he knows how to bring us folks who always have potential and never wastes our time with candidates who he knows will never be a fit.

Understanding the position, the industry AND our corporate culture means everything.

Pat is a quick study and doesn’t make mistakes. He is one of the most valuable partners we have in our business.

Brian Kurtz
Executive VP, Boardroom Inc

Patrick Lynch solves one of the biggest business problems any company faces — how to recruit and retain the best talent. When I was SVP of a publishing company in the late-80s and 90s we were growing, rapidly. We needed advice on how to best structure the organization and them fill key administrative and sales positions — fast — but with the right people. After attempting to manage the recruiting and hiring process ourselves, we realized we needed to bring in a pro and he did not let us down. From creating job specifications and doing candidate prospecting to interviewing, reference checking and compensations negotiations, he delivered on target and on time. The most impressive thing I can say is that twenty years later, many of the people he was responsible for hiring are still with that same very successful company today.

Brian Q. Smith
SVP eNR Services Inc.

I have known Pat Lynch for more than 30 years. Patrick is an exceptional “quick-study”; as a highly ethical business person; a strong reader of staff qualities and an excellent judge of human character. Patrick has a no nonsense mentality that is wrapped in a sensitive non-ego driven package that makes dealing with him a pleasure as he quickly gets the assignment message and is able to move from set-up to execution in lightening speed.
Throughout my 40+ years in various operational positions in a score of industries and positions…I engaged many a recruiter and experienced the full range of emotions as each search progressed…and even if they ended “successfully”, there was always a toll beyond the fee. Then I rediscovered Patrick and suddenly the next search became predictable, manageable and “normal”. The pre-engagement meetings seemed to go smoother and the list of candidates, after we nailed down the position description, was surprisingly on-target…leading me to conclude that he was VERY effective in listening, coaching and especially in executing.

Mr. Gene Robinson
Fmr. President and CEO I-Logix, Inc.

I’ve been involved in executive recruitment for many years, recruiting top notch sales professionals, as well as senior level executives in a variety of roles.  Whether it’s been a President of an operating unit, a SVP Sales, a SVP of Publishing, SVP of Marketing, one of my most trusted and successful sources has been P J Lynch Associates.   Pat Lynch goes the extra mile in finding the “right” executive for the specific role that needs to be filled. While President and CEO at ProQuest, I also sourced some of the best online executives in the business through Pat Lynch that helped propel ProQuest to where it is today.   Pat Lynch listens to what the role is, asks questions to fully understand it, and usually adds insights from his own experience to enhance the role.  I whole heartedly recommend Pat Lynch and his team.

Joseph P. Reynolds
President - US Operations Ninestars Information Technologies, LTD