The Process

Our process relies on consistent and established procedures for finding the very best people who meet the client specifications. We are retained for the customary thirty percent of first-year cash compensation, billed at stages of completion in the process. We begin with a thorough understanding of the client company. This includes meeting the hiring manager and other critical members of the team, where confidentiality permits.

We develop detailed position specifications outlining all of the technical aspects sought, as well as the “soft” chemistry and cultural issues involved. ¬†After agreeing to the specifications, researchers will cast a net that may include hundreds of targeted people, network contacts, and database prospects. Prequalification will result in a group of “long list” candidates who are reviewed with the client, and from this list, five to eight final candidates are selected for detailed conversations. After intensive personal interviews, three to four finalists, who are highly qualified, interested and fit the culture of the client company, are presented for evaluation.
We then assist in conducting reference interviews, negotiating offers, and completing acceptance by the desired person. We also “sign-off” with dignity those who have not been selected for further consideration.

The Confidence Guarantee

We will replace an executive secured through our process per the terms of our engagement contract. This provides our clients with solid protection for unanticipated developments. Also, we will not recruit from a division of a client for a period of up to two years from the date of our last assignment.

P.J. Lynch Associates believes that partnering with a client also means sharing the risk. Confidence in our process, coupled with our years of experience and long-term client relationships, is demonstrated in this unique guarantee.